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Coronavirus? Barcelona is open for business!

Coronavirus? Barcelona is open for business!

About a month ago the world was shaken and paralyzed with the discover of a new viral disease called Coronavirus or COVID19, similar to the flu, that was diagnostic to a man in a Chinese city called, Wuhan.

Since then, the fact that people have traveled around the world, has been spreading out the disease quite fast to the point that currently there are 1000.000 cases in 72 countries. If we keep in mind that the population of the Earth is 7. 8 billions, calling it a global epidemic migh sound a bit too much.

The World Health Organization released a document on February 11th regarding the situation and the virus and it stated that “In the majority of cases COVID-19 only causes a mild disease and although it can cause serious diseases in some people, it’s rarely deadly”.

Sagrada Familia Tours

General view of La Sagrada Familia from Gaudi in Barcelona.

What is the truth?

Media coverage has been a bit exaggerated and alarmist so far. The truth is it’s definitely better if we all take precautions when travel but, shouldn’t we always take them anyway? I mean, who doesn’t wash their hands often, tries to avoid touching things on the street too much or takes vitamins to keep their immune system high?

Scientist and health organizations have said that the symptoms are the same as the regular flu and it could be deadly only to oncologist patients, elder people or people with a weak immune system.

Panic and fear are very contagious, more than the Coronavirus, and media have played an important role on spreading it to the point that airline companies so far have been cancelling flights to critical countries for the tourism industry like Italy or China.

Keeping in mind that citizens of those countries are still living there, alive and doing a normal life, we should do the same. Did you have some holidays planned? take them, go, relax and enjoy.

Let’s follow the example of Barcelona, another critical city for the tourism industry that is open for business and more alive than ever!


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Credit: El Periodico

Barcelona is open for business

Barcelona airport is open and ready to welcome the world.

Currently there are only 9 official confirmed cases of patients with coronavirus in the city, they have been all identified and admitted to the hospital and none of them are of a grave concern.

With that said, Barcelona is a secure place to spend your holidays.

And no worries, La Sagrada Familia and all other Antonio Gaudi’s masterpieces are all open and ready for you to enjoy and take hundres of pictures.

Are you afraid of the common flu? no, right? then why worrying so much about a virus called coronavirus that causes the same symptoms to healthy people?

If coming to Barcelona has always been your dream, if you have been saving for years to accomplish your dream, if you had this family vacation planned for so long, if you picked Barcelona for your honeymoon, don’t ruin it. It’s ok to travel, to visit other countries and cultures and to enjoy life.

Sagrada Familia group tours

Treat yourself with a nice tour

To forget about all the stress and hassle with the Coronavirus situation, there’s nothing better than taking a relaxing tour where you will learn about the beautiful Barcelona and enjoy at the same time.

  • Are you a full fan of Modernism? then a tour that covers all the Modernist places of the city is the right for you.
  • If the reason you came to Barcelona is for the soccer team, we also have the right tour for you. How about visiting the Camp Nou stadium where players like Messi or Suarez score great goals?
  • If you can’t have enough of tapas and Spanish cuisine and have been dieting for the past month to be able to enjoy them all, you definitely need to take the Private Taste of Barcelona tour.

No matter what’s your purpose for coming to Barcelona, just DO IT! come, enjoy, you won’t regret it. Barcelona and all its wonderful places are waiting for you.

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