Group tour of Sagrada Familia

Visiting the Sagrada Familia on a private tour

We know it’s not always easy to travel with kids or elderly people. They get easily tired and bored, kids complain about everything, can’t be quiet and maybe don’t care much about history and culture.


If your siblings don’t belong to that category, congratulations! for the rest of the parents and families, here’s why you should visit Sagrada Familia on a private tour and survive the day.


Although we definitely encourage people to come to Sagrada Familia, we recommend to visit it within an organized private tour better than on your own or self-guided.

Barcelona Sagrada Familia Tour

Book a tour with us!

At Real Barcelona Tours, your kids and the whole family will learn, have fun and enjoy the day without complaining because we know how to entertain them and make a tour enjoyable and unforgettable.


Don’t worry about if you’ll be able to entertain your kid or every single member of teh family during the tour, let that hassle to our dedicated guides who know how to deal with kids and with all types of personalities. All our tours are full of surprises, activities and fun games so that the little ones will learn something new every time while doing different activities on site. Learning history has never been more fun!


What the tour offers

Check out all our tours, we have one for everyone, we are specialized in customizing tours and ready to meet all your expectations. Wondering why you should book with us? keep reading!


  • Licensed, professional, multilingual guides: they are the core of our team, specially selected through a rigorous process to make sure you get the best experience ever during your visit.They are fun, knowledgeable, experienced, engaging and amazing people who are always ready to answer any question you might have and make the tour as enjoyable and dynamic as possible.


  • Skip the line service: when you travel abroad time is definitely something you don’t want to waste. We know you are excited to visit the Sagrada Familia so make the most of your trip choosing that option.



  • Private guide for a better experience: Paced to you and your kids needs, customized and specially tailored to make the most out of your visit. Our guides know a lot how to make the little ones enjoy. Trust them! 


Sagrada Familia tours

Kids are welcome!

If you are looking for a tour aimed specially to kids, here you’ll find all our offer.

So picture your tour as a very familiar, intimate, fun and enjoyable experience where the adults will be able to see Antonio’s Gaudi masterpiece, internationally known and visited every year for around 3 million people La Sagrada Familia and kids will learn about an architect and his artistic movement, Modernism, through games and fun.


Holidays are aimed to enjoy and relax and even if you might think this is not possible when you travel with kids, think again.


We provide all the professionalism and fun at the same time. It’s a win win for the whole family.


La Sagrada Familia is such a worth site you shouldn’t leave your kids without seeing. It’s a memory they will always take with them and who knows it could be spark that will make them become architects in the future.


They are going to love the animal decorations, the forest like scenario, the colorful glass stained windows, the nature atmosphere and the recreation of a 1920 school.

Sagrada Familia Group Tour

Approaching culture to kids and the whole family


Art is not a synonym of boring, it all depends on how you approach to it.

Our tour guides sure know how to do it, they have experience in showing, explaining and answering all kinds of questions the little ones might have when visiting.


To do a fun tour requires a good preparation of materials, information, didactic elements and the best attitude towards kids.


If you want your kids to show some interest for foreign culture and art while enjoying, this are the tours you want to do with them.




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