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Guided tour vs independent travel

Guided tour vs independent travel

When travel planning, we usually make a list of the different things we are going to take into consideration for the next trip. One of the most important is budget. It’s not always easy to stick to it and we usually end up stretching it a little bit, specially when deciding if booking a guided tour or visiting on our own. Why should you book a guided tour vs visiting on your own?

Be careful how you spend your budget and remember, “What’s cheap, could turn out to be expensive”.

There’s lots of types of travelers and each of them has a different priority but if there’s something we can all agree they have in common is looking to have a great time and going back home satisfied with the experience.

If you are the type of traveler that loves sightseeing, then monuments, churches, museums and statues are a must for you. If you don’t mind spending some of your budget buying tickets for those attractions, you still can go one more step ahead and book a tour.

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Pros of booking a guided tour

There’s so many positive aspects about visiting something with an expert versus doing it on your own. Check out some of the reasons why you should book a guided tour instead of doing a self-guided one.

  • You will definitely learn more than visiting on your own.
  • You can always ask all kinds of questions.
  • You’ll feel more accompaigned and safe during the experience.
  • A guide can always tell you other interesting things to do after the tour.
  • You’ll feel surrounded by other people in a group that can create a nice atmosphere.
  • You can meet other people, make new friends and hang around in a new city.
  • A guide always knows all the bargains and good offers from the city.
  • A guide can always suggest things to do or places to visit that you might not even know existed.
  • It’s a great option for solo travelers, shy travelers and for families that travel with kids.

The role of a Tour Guide

A tour guide is normally someone who loves to interact with people, passionate about history and art, very communicative and friendly and who’s eager to share their knowledge with tourists.

They are used to deal with lots of different people and can adapt very easily to every type of personality. Elder people and kids are a very special type of customer. Guides are ready to interact with both groups.

A tour guide will always make you feel good and satisfied with the tour, a feeling that it was worth the money.

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What type of tour should i book?

When in Barcelona, there’s lots of different tours you can book depending on your budget and your preferences. Are you a big Sagrada Familia fan ? then check out all our Sagrada Familia Tours

  • For an exclusive experience, check the private tour of sagrada familia that explains you all about this astonishing basilica and its architect Antonio Gaudí, the genius of Modernism.
  • Maybe you are traveling with your kids and they love the Barcelona soccer team. then, you should book this highlight tour of Barcelona that takes you the biggest soccer stadium in Europe, Camp Nou and will make their trip unforgettable.
  • If on the other hand, you are a foodie and have heard many awesome things about Spanish food, book this private taste tour to enjoy tapas and other suculent dishes will make your day.
  • So if you are already thinking about your next destination, save some budget for a guided tour and check here all the tours we have available for you, you won´t regret it and it´ll help you to get the most out of that place!
Barcelona group tour

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