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How to enjoy Carnival 2020 in Barcelona


If you think winter lasts too much, can’t stand cold weather and you are counting the days down till summer fun, do not stress out because party is around the corner in Barcelona thanks to Carnival.


Rio, Venice, Barranquilla, Tenerife and Barcelona are some of the most famous cities in the world to enjoy this festivity based on the lunar calendar and eagerly anticipated by Catalans, always begins on a Thursday (Fat Thursday) and ends on the following Wednesday (Ash Wednesday).


Ash Wednesday is a date known by Christians to fall forty working days before Easter Sunday. It symbolises the start of Lent – a period of forty days in the run-up to Easter in which Christians have traditionally shown abstinence and for example can’t eat meat on Fridays as a shown of respect.


On ‘Fat Thursday’, when the party starts, there’s no time for starving. Try all the delicious specialities and typical dishes that restaurants offer during these days. Stop by the Barcelona food markets and celebrate Fat Thursday with many food events and competitions all over Barcelona.


Fun and craziness for everyone


In general, the carnival in Barcelona is about party, crowds, costumes, masks, parades and tasty food and it’s probably one of the most loved parties of the year for locals and foreigners.


For a whole week, the city is synonymous of fun. Kids get dressed as the last Disney character, adults put on their sexiest outfits and people gather at crazy parties till sunrise.


It’s a week to let yourself go, be a little bit crazy, get out of the box, break the rules and celebrate the joy of life.


This happy festivity wraps up with the burial of the sardine, a sarcastic ceremony that celebrates a funeral procession and the burning of a symbolic and particular figure, a sardine. 


That is how Barcelona celebrates and prepares for the fasting period of Lent, which begins after the Carnival ends. 


There’s always time for culture


Between one party and another or just to help you pass along the hangover you could probably be wondering what can you do or visit or see in this amazing city. 

We have the right option for you. Do not waste your time looking for attractions, staying in long lines or boring tours that left you without energy.


What about a fun and interesting line free private tour of la Sagrada Familia? learn about Barcelona’s most visited spot that receives 3 million visits and was projected by the genius architect Antoni Gaudi.


If you are a soccer fan, you will find the time to go to the Barcelona Stadium, chose the Camp Nou Tour and take a close look to where the most famous players score amazing goals.


If you are in a rush for Carnival, take at least a quick tour through Gaudi’s most spectacular buildings from the outside. You will be surprised on all the masterpieces of the architect.


Carnival in Sitges


If you can’t have enough of Carnival and want to really go crazy assisting at some wild parties, you definitely have to go to Sitges. A small town, 40 min away from Barcelona that has one of the most famous Carnival parades in Spain and where fun is guaranteed.


Its history started 100 years ago and during the week of Carnival around 250,000 people usually gather in this small beautiful town to have one more last chance to lose their mind before the start of 40 days of Lent.


Highlights in Sitges are Rua de la Disbauxa on Sunday and Rua de l’Exterminiam on Tuesday afternoon.




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