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 Gaudí’s Casa Milà Jazz Nights

3 Dec

 Gaudí’s Casa Milà Jazz Nights


 If you are planning on visiting Barcelona this Summer give yourself the unique experience of rooftop views, high quality live music and great drinks and memories with friends during La Pedrera Jazz Nights.

Every Friday and Saturday beginning from the 7th of June until the 14th of September 2019 Gaudì’s unique architectural masterpiece​ Casa Milà (La Pedrera) becomes animated by the best live Jazz music. 

A perfect way to spend the summer night that begins with a free visit to the attic of La Pedrera which may remind you of a whale’s skeleton. The Gaudí Exhibition ​is displayed in the Whale Attic and so you will get a glimpse of the architect’s mind thanks to the videos, models, photographs, drawings and objects that are on display in his honor.

The Warrior Terrace is spectacular thanks to Gaudì’s genius, its undulating shape matches the Milà facade style but you will be awed by the strength of the architectural elements as Gaudì creates a powerfully evocative scene. His rooftop has chimneys, covers and ventilations shafts that evocate warriors protecting the house as abstract characters that will captivate your imagination along with the dance of lights animating them during the Jazz Nights.










 If you want to experience Catalan cuisine in modernist style, stop on the ground floor’s enchanting Cafe de la Pedrera before heading up to the terrace.

Rooftop drinks are next as you immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of the night in this iconic location. From atop the terrace, you get to enjoy 360º views of Barcelona as you take in the warmth, beauty and joy of the La Pedrera Jazz Nights. ​The Night Experience will surprise you with the incredible effects accompanied by jazz music as Gaudì’s iconic Casa Milà comes to life.

Originally, the unusual, undulating Modernist design earned Gaudì reviews that compared the house to a stone quarry, this is when the building got its now beloved nickname La Pedrera. In 1984, it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and nowadays it is awe-inspiring to those who visit it to experience the unique perspective and iconic vibe Antoni Gaudì’s vision created.








This year’s featured artists include Rita Payés Quartet, Marco Mezquida & Manel Fortià Raquel Lùa, Joan Mar Sauqué. To experience a unique night out with your friends, purchase your tickets for  La Pedrera Jazz Nights here.


Written by Anamaria Maier


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