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Discovering the calçots in Barcelona

Discovering the calçots in Barcelona

Catalunya (region which Barcelona is the capital) could be the only place in the world that has a typical dish that is very much enjoyed by vegetarians, vegans, carnivorous and all type of eaters. When it comes to eat calçots everybody agrees to come to the table for the event of la calçotada.

According to the wise internet, a calçot is a type of scallion or green onion that grows mainly in the region of Valls (Tarragona, Catalonia) that it’s usually eaten with a red tomato sauce called Romesco that drives all catalans crazy.

More about the calçots

Romesco is a sauce that originated from Valls, Tarragona, Catalonia. It is typically made from any mixture of roasted tomatoes and garlic, toasted almonds, pine nuts, and/or hazelnuts, olive or sunflower oil, and nyora peppers (a sun dried, small, round variety of red bell pepper).

From November to April, calçots can be tasted in restaurants around Catalonia grilled over a hot fire, wrapped up in newspaper and served on terracotta tiles and eaten after peeling with bare hands dipped in a yummy sauce and accompanied by red wine and bread.

Millions of calçots are sold in the region every year. They are available at markets around Barcelona, as well as directly from farmers around Catalunya. 

The ritual of la calçotada

There’s no better plan for a Sunday that gathering with your friends or family and go to a restaurant to enjoy this delicious meal.

The way these onions are eaten is so particular that is considered almost a ritual very authentic and fun.

Calçots are kind of messy to eat so bibs and gloves are required. 

The way your eat it is… you pick up the calçot with your right hand and pull off the burnt skirt then you must dip the calçot in the romesco sauce.

The feast then continues with a grilled meat barbecue. Sausages, ribs, skillets, pork chops and all kinds of meats are served to continue this delicious meal.

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Typical onion eaten in Catalonia, Spain being cooked.

A tour to digest the feast

Once you are involved in this Catalan atmosphere of tradition and cuisine you might want to continue deeping into this culture like the world known architect  Antonio Gaudí.

There’s nothing better than a tour around the most top Modernists sites to digest the copious meal.

How about visiting the Sagrada Familia with a private guide? take a look at Gaudi’s masterpiece and learn about the history and culture that made Barcelona worldwide known.

If instead you are a nature lover and want to continue enjoying outdoors or you are traveling with kids, without a doubt, they will fall in love with Gaudi’s Park, Parc Guell. Filled with mystical creatures, such as giant lizards, and it’s out of this world monuments, Park Guell will take you back to your childhood. Your guide will illustrate how Gaudi was inspired by nature and how he incorporated it in his park.

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Aereal picture of the famous and peculiar Eixample quarter in Barcelona

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