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Barcelona Hacks

3 Dec

 Gaudí’s Casa Milà Jazz Nights

   If you are planning on visiting Barcelona this Summer give yourself the unique experience of rooftop views, high quality live music and great drinks and memories with friends during La Pedrera Jazz Nights. Every Friday and Saturday beginning from the 7th of June until the 14th of September 2019 Gaudì's unique architectural masterpiece​ Casa Milà (La Pedrera) becomes animated by the best live Jazz music.  A perfect way to spend the summer night that begins with a free visit to the attic of La Pedrera which may remind you of a whale's...

2 Dec

Summer In Barcelona

  If you're in Barcelona during summertime, then you absolutely have to take my advice and do the following. Barcelona is one of Europe's most iconic cities that is bursting with life and experiences to be enjoyed. Here are some helpful tips on how to make the most of Barcelona during summertime.   Relax at the Font Màgica Built by Carlos Buigas in 1929 for the International Exhibition, the Font Magica stays true to its name as the fantastic water shows, illuminated with fantastic lighting and synchronized with music, look like a magic dance.     Every year,...

2 Dec

Royal Monastery of Pedralbes of Barcelona

Barcelona is world famous for its architecture and art, among the most well-known places to visit are locations like the UNESCO-listed Sagrada Família built by Gaudí in his unique, surrealistic art noveau style, Parc Güell and Casa Milà also Gaudí masterpieces. Among the lively city’s hidden gems, we find the 14th century Royal Monastery of Pedralbes, an exemplary of Catalan gothic architecture of the times. Although it is less known to the world compared to other Barcelona landmarks, the Royal Monastery of Pedralbes is worth exploring due to its unique beauty and artistic heritage.   Originally opened in 1326...

2 Dec

Best Accessible Museums In Barcelona

  Barcelona is world renowned for the warmth of its people and for its uniqueness, With so much to visit, the city is a celebration of art, architecture and people. For wheelchair users, remember to always bring along your documentation as you can benefit from discounts and free entries. Here is an overview of the museums that celebrate social inclusion and are fully accessible for the disabled.     Sagrada Familia For visitors with certified disability of 65% Barcelona's iconic Sagrada Familia Cathedral offers free entry that is extended to a companion in the cases...

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