Tibidabo: nature, art and fun blending on the top of a mountain

If you are not afraid of heights and are in Barcelona, read carefully. Wherever you are, just raise your head for a second. You will surely spot a huge mountian overlooking the city. Found it? You are looking at the Tibidabo, then. Its peculiar name derives from the latin expression tibi dabo, literally I will […]


Visit the Montserrat Monastery near Barcelona

Montserrat Monastery

Breath-taking landscapes, a beautiful Monastery and the Statue of the Black Virgin: find out why a trip to this Montserrat Monastery (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) is an absolute must when touring Barcelona. Montserrat Monastery is a Benedictine Monastery, officially named “Santa Maria de Montserrat”. Just 1 hour away from Barcelona by car, this 11th […]


Christmas Traditions in Barcelona: food, markets and presents!

Christmas Traditions in Barcelona

Discover the main Christmas Traditions in Barcelona: visit the Christmas markets, the best dishes to taste in the winter season and the strangest traditions, like the one of the Caga Tiò and the Caganers! Are you flying to Barcelona for Christmas? Discover with us the most famous Christmas Traditions in Barcelona and the beautiful little […]


Top 8 Shopping Areas in Barcelona

shopping areas in barcelona

If you are planning to visit Barcelona in the winter, shopping is a good thing to plan during rainy days. Read our blog and find out the 8 shopping Areas in Barcelona featuring malls and street shops: prepare your credit card! Maremagnum Shopping Mall The Maremagnum shopping mall is one of the city’s largest centres […]


Top 10 Gluten Free Restaurants in Barcelona

Gluten Free Restaurants in Barcelona

Are you looking for a good place to have a gluten-free meals Barcelona? Don’t worry, we have found the 10 best gluten-free restaurants in Barcelona for you: Italian, Japanese, Mexican, Catalan, you will find something to suit all your needs. When in Barcelona, you will surely want to try the typical menu of a tapas […]


Catalan human towers: discover Els Castells

catalan human tower

Catalan Human Towers are one of the most important and spectacular traditions in Catalonia. Once a year every city in the region celebrates this great festival, whose origins date back to the 18th century, with people from the different district making up a team and trying to build as many human layers as possible. The […]


CosmoCaixa in Barcelona: science made fun!

Cosmocaixa in Barcelona

CosmoCaixa in Barcelona is one of the city’s 80 museums. All of them are special, but nothing compares to the this museum, when talking about kids and fun. Both adults and kids can learn so much about Natural Sciences in this museum, thanks to interactive experiences and technologies. CosmoCaixa in Barcelona features a wide range […]


The best 5 Movies set in Barcelona

movies set in barcelona

Movies set in Barcelona are many, but what are the best five? Let’s find out which they are and which places they feature. Barcellona is a fantastic city, one of the main destinations for European tourism. Given its importance and amazing architecture, many movies have been set along its streets, full of amazing squares, monuments, […]